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Galena, Dubuque, Tri-state Community Action Resources

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Using Plone

Plone is an free & open-source Content Management System (CMS) which we've used to build GalenaOnline. It's known world-wide for its publication workflows, design, security, and flexibility.

When you've joined Galena Online, you'll have a personal "User Folder" which can contain pretty much anything you like.

I encourage you to experiment with creating pages, playing with the "TinyMCE" wysiwyg editor, and so forth.

If you'd like to dig in a little deeper, please review the Plone User documentation here: (should open in a new window)

In particular, the parts about Adding Pages (under Adding Content) and using the TinyMCE editor will help you get right into making stuff!

Note that the page that you create is displayed in Plone's "Content Area", and that the header and left and right columns remain consistent, in general, throughout the whole site.

When you've created a page or an event or other item, you can "publish" it, using the drop-down menu in the 'edit bar' (it's only visible when you're editing!)

If you have Reviewer or Editor permissions, you can publish directly, otherwise, you can "Submit for Publication" and an editor will review your piece before it's published.